LitPicks Book Reviews—May 2014

Theme—Women and the Bomb
This month's theme was inspired by two recent books on women and the Manhattan Project—one fiction and one history. Then we added a 2004 biography on Marie Curie, who helped usher in the nuclear age.


LitPicks Book Reviews—March 2014

Theme—War Lines: At the front and Behind
Extraordinary books continue to be written about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
, and despite lack of war coverage in the media—or maybe because of it—we believe these books are important. They cover those on the front lines and those behind the lines (who plan war).

LitPicks Book Reviews—February 2014

Theme—Marriage: For better or for . . . . . .
For worse? If
Gone Girl gave you a thrill, these three novels centered on unsettling marriages will too. The fun is in not knowing whether she's nuts or he is or...maybe someone else.

LitPicks Book Reviews—January 2014

Theme—The Cinderfella Complex
Young boys, bereft of parents,
struggle to find love, belief in themselves, and maturity—in a hard-knock world that works against them.

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